DKI Parker – Cottage Opening Tips

Cottage Opening Tips

It’s time to open the cottage, making Victoria Day Weekend one of the most chore-filled weekends of the year up here. Opening the cottage is the most exciting part of the year. It can also be the most stressful. Proper planning for the cottage opening weekend will help get the season off to a great start.


Before you go

  • Make sure your electricity is turned on. It’s always best to do this before the weekend to be sure someone can help you if there should be an issue.
  • Be sure that everything is insured and you know where the documents are. This includes boat, trailer, and cottage insurance. if you’re pulling a trailer, be sure to test all the lights and connections before your family is loaded into the car.
  • Put a tool kit together. You will need tools this weekend. Figure out which ones you’re going to need and pack them. And don’t forget the duct tape!
  • Gather some cleaning supplies. You’re definitely going to need to do a little bit of cleaning this weekend. Even if all you do is wipe off the deck chair, you’ll need to have the right equipment to do it!


On arrival (the essentials)

  • Check for any damage to power lines, phone lines, the chimney, the deck, the dock, windows, screens, and under the cottage at the posts, pads, and beams.
  • After surveying your property, head inside and check cupboards and countertops for signs of mice or other animals, and look for any water damage that may have occurred over the winter.
  • Look for cracks in the foundation and any water penetration. Any crack that can fit a dime should be checked by a pro, such as a foundation specialist or structural engineer.
  • Turning on the water, hot water, checking pipes etc..
  • let the place breathe. Any enclosure needs air circulation — dust accumulates, there might be mould and mildew.
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