Contents Restoration

At DKI Parker, contents restoration and cleaning have always been a priority.  We understand that your possessions have sentimental and practical value and cannot be easily replaced, which is why when you choose us to restore or clean them, we treat them with the utmost care and respect.

We make sure that we research and use the latest innovative restoration technology and the most effective processes when restoring damaged contents for our clients.  Our extensive research in contents restoration has definitely paid off: our professionally trained and certified restoration technicians clean and restore contents in a full-service state-of-the-art restoration facility using cutting-edge restoration equipment.  We monitor the quality of our restoration processes through a reliable system of checks and balances.

Our restoration team is trained and certified in the best practices for cleaning and restoring soft goods, hard goods, and delicate electronic equipment that has been damaged by water, fire, smoke, odours, break-ins, or vandalism. We offer cleaning and restoration services for contents, such as:

Soft Items
Shoes, luggage, duffle bags, bedding, garments, rugs, sports gear etc.

Hard items
Dishes, pots and pans, toys, various plastic and metal items etc.

Televisions, computers, refrigerators, cameras, recorders, telephones, cable or satellite receivers and much more.

Content durability, content material, and the level of contamination determine how damaged contents are handled, packed, and processed. The proper selection of cleaning agents and the determination of the most appropriate processes is essential in maintaining the highest quality of cleaning standards.  In addition, a proper on-site evaluation and careful packing out of contents minimizes handling and maximizes cleaning productivity.

View our “Esporta Wash System“, “Hard Goods – Ultrasonics” and “Electronics Restoration” pages to learn more about our specific contents cleaning and restoration capabilities.

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