Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wipe up ink or paint stains from my carpet?

No. You could set them permanently by mistake. Let the restoration experts determine the best way to clean ink and paint stains. Their knowledge and experience will provide the best chance for a positive result.

What should I do about eggs on my property?

Hose down or wash egg damage from building exteriors as soon as possible.

What can I do to protect my chrome fixtures after a fire?

Clean and protect chrome trim on faucets and other brightwork by washing with detergent and applying a coat of Vaseline or oil.

What should I do with my refrigerator?

After a fire, you should empty your refrigerators and freezers if the electricity is off and prop the doors open with a rolled towel or newspaper to allow for circulation.

What about pools of water on top of my furniture?

Remove standing water from flat surfaces as soon as possible by sponging and blotting with absorbant material.

What should I do about my things that are wet after a flood?

Ventilate all the wet areas immediately. Turn on the air conditioning in the summer and in the winter alternate between opening the windows and turning up the heat.
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