Electronics Cleaning

At DKI Parker, our electronic equipment and systems recovery and restoration services provide total solutions for electronic equipment or systems that have been damaged by fire, smoke, or water.  We are committed to quality and pride ourselves on staying current on modern cleaning technology and processes to ensure we provide our clients with the most effective and efficient recovery and restoration services possible for cleaning and decontaminating a wide variety of electronic equipment and electronic systems without harming internal circuitry.

Time is of the Essence

The successful restoration of damaged electronic equipment or electronic systems requires a quick response. When damage has occurred to electronic equipment or electronic systems, it is very important to immediately call in the restoration and recovery experts to evaluate the type and extent of damage and to plan and implement the appropriate recovery procedures to ensure a successful restoration.

Evaluate, Plan & Restore

Electronics cleaning and restoration is required when corrosion occurs as a result of fire, smoke, or water damage. When electronic items are damaged by water, corrosion begins almost immediately.  Corrosion of electronic equipment or electronic systems can also occur with fire or smoke damage due to acidic or corrosive residue.

Although every situation is unique, there are specific steps that must be followed in order to achieve a successful restoration of electronic equipment or electronic systems that have been damaged by fire, smoke, or water.

The first and most important step in the fire restoration process for electronic items is the damage assessment phase. Our trained and certified technicians will immediately assess the electronic equipment and/or systems to identify the brand, model number, and serial number of the equipment and then the type and degree of damage. Our technicians will also determine if the cost to restore the electronic equipment compares favourably to the cost of replacing it. In the unlikely event that restoration costs exceed replacement costs, replacement will be recommended.
Once the type and extent of damage has been determined, a trained technician will decide on a restoration plan, which includes the most appropriate chemical agents and restorative technologies to use.
The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore and recover electronic equipment and systems that have been damaged by fire, smoke, or water has evolved to the point that it is now recognized as the most reliable restoration process for a wide variety of electronic items previously thought to be not recoverable.

Many kinds of electronic equipment and/or systems can be restored successfully including:

  • Computers
  • Computer Servers and Network Gear
  • Telephone Systems
  • Control Centres
  • Office Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Televisions
  • Home Theatre Components
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Printers and Printing Equipment
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Training and Certification

In order to provide effective electronics cleaning and restoration services, our professionals undergo rigorous training to keep up with the most current and effective restoration techniques. All of our employees in the electronics restoration division, along with our field technicians, are required to attend and complete Level I and II Certifications of the Asset Recovery Technology Electronics Restoration courses.

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