New Years Resolution Home Edition


It’s that time of year where everyone focuses on what they want to improve in the coming 12 months. A chance to start fresh and begin again. A lot of resolutions are centered around self-improvement, but since we’re the restoration folks, we’ve got five resolutions to improve your home!

1. Check for leaks!

Many sources of water leaks are obvious – a dripping faucet is likely to be caught easily. But some aren’t so apparent: Toilets can be a not-so-obvious water leaker, for example. Toilet flapper valves are a source of hidden leaks, as are pipes (corrosion is a big factor here). Broken seals can be another often-looked-over source of leaks: Condensation or puddles near your dishwasher might be a clue. Take some time to inspect your home carefully for hidden leaks, and save yourself money down the road by taking care of the problem now.

2. Change your filters.

If you didn’t do this at the start of winter, now is a good time. HVAC filters should be checked every one to three months, and doing preventative maintenance now can lead to less expenses in the future, not to mention a more efficient system now.

3. Paint a room.

This won’t necessarily save you any money (and the paint will probably cost you), but colour schemes in any given room actually play on your mood. If you find a particularly room completely uninspiring, give the walls a makeover. Lavender is calming, yellow is energizing, and green promotes tranquility.

Tip #4 and #5 can be read by clicking on DKI Canada Blog Page!

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